Mase VS Camron – Who Won?

Mase VS Camron – Who Won?

On Black Friday (Friday,  November,  24th) we were all surprised by the song Mase dropped called “The Oracle”. We already know Mase VS Camron is nothing new in the Hip Hop culture,  but the track made some pretty shocking claims about Cam.

Now we have Camron’s response in the form of “Dinner Time” (released Saturday,  November 25th) that throws it’s own shocking claims at Mase.

It looks like we have a full blown rap battle now,  so listen to both tracks below and decide who you think won!

Mase VS Camron Brief History:

Camron and Mase began as friends and members of a group called Children of the Corn.

Mase signed with Bad Boy Records as a solo artist in the 90’s achieving commercial success.

Leaving Harlem

Mase then left his hometown of Harlem, New York City at what seemed like the height of this success to become the pastor of a church in Atlanta, Georgia. He also left his musical career at the same time.

He then wrote a book in 2001 titled “Revelations: There’s a Light After the Lime“. In this book,  Mase made statements about Camron and others. The statements were about an alleged situation around a music video for “Horse & Carriage”, a song that Camron and Mase made together.

Return to Hip Hop

In the early 2000’s, Mase began to make a return to Hip Hop. He was being interviewed on New York radio station Hot 97 in 2004 about his then upcoming album “Welcome Back”. During the interview, first Jim Jones (a fellow Harlem rapper and friend of Camron) then Camron called into the show to address Mase about some of his statements. The conversation did not go well and the call was ended.

During this call, Camron basically said that Mase left Harlem due to being run out by some individuals that he and his friends had issues with. Mase denied this, saying that his friends had been killed over “foolishness” but that he moved to Atlanta for his own reasons.

Camron also said that the statements in the book were false.  He went on to say that he wasn’t making money in the situation with Mase and company so he separated from him to “get money”.

You can hear the full 2004 interview here:

Mase VS Camron 2017

Camron has recently released a mixtape titled “The Program“.

A song called “It’s Killa” has Camron speaking on memories from earlier years. In the lyrics he talks about Mase and certain situations surrounding him.

Listen to “It’s Killa” by Camron here:

Mase took offense to the song and decided to release a response. That response was “The Oracle”.

Camron’s rebuttal was “Dinner Time”.