The Underachievers

The Underachievers

It Happened In Flatbush


“AK began rapping at the age of eleven, later on in high school he would work under the stage name The Underachiever. Issa Gold started rapping much later, not taking it seriously until around late 2011. The duo then began making music together under the name “The Underachievers” after a producer pushed them to work together, which resulted in them forming the group.Gold explained the name saying, “I feel like the things that we do could be considered underachieving, like we smoke pot. People would probably meet us at first and be like, They’re probably just potheads. And then they’ll talk to me, or talk to AK, and be like, ‘alright, they’re intelligent.’ So it’s just a flip on that. Like, The Underachievers, even though technically we’re doing underachiever things, we’re bringing positive energy.”

“In May 2012, they released their first music video for the song “So Devilish.” Following the videos release they began gaining attention quickly, with their second officially released song “Gold Soul Theory” getting played on BBC Radio in August 2012, even though they had yet to sign a recording contract. Their music was also passed on to record producer Flying Lotus, who the following day flew them out to Los Angeles to meet them the day after they talked for the first time. After they met a few times and performed a few shows for him, he signed them to his Brainfeeder record label. Flying Lotus said he already wanted to sign the duo after listening to one song for only 20 seconds. Around the same time they signed they released their third music video for “Herb Shuttles”, which has gotten over seventeen million views on YouTube. Around mid-2012, The Underachievers, Pro Era and Flatbush Zombies formed the New York hip hop supergroup Beast Coast.”

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