Queens, NY

“When you hear the names 50 Cent, LL COOL J, Nas and Run DMC, you think hip hop and Queens; all four MCs help to keep Queens, NY on the radar. However, 50 and L.L. have gone “Hollywood,” Nas struggles to maintain his “street poet” prowess without losing his edge and the remaining members of RUN DMC have settled into domesticity. The Q borough needs a new representative for hip hop with a new sound and new look—P’CISE. A native of St. Albans, Queens, P’CISE (born Quinn Smith) was raised in a Caribbean working middle-class family. A Queens resident all of his life, P’CISE has always had one foot in the ‘hood and one in the suburbs, which enhanced his lyrical skills that began at the tender age of 10 and hasn’t stopped since.”

“Upon graduating from high school, P’CISE the MC was born! In less than two years, he has worked with emerging DJs and producers (including Brooklyn‘s own P.F. Cuttin and Jimmy Swag.) In addition to building his rep amongst DJs, he has performed at various venues including: Nassau Coliseum (opening act for “Platinum & Ice” feat. Jay-Z, Mobb Deep, etc.) Club Amazura (opening act for Memphis Bleek and M.O.P.) and The Wonder Twinz showcase at Remote Lounge. “The fame, the notoriety, that’s not why I’m doing this,” says P’Cise about his career as an MC “I just really want people to hear me and feel me as an MC and remember my words. That’s it!” His current mix-tape “Bare Witness” has 20 tracks inspired by his favorite MCs Notorious B.I.G.,Big L,Nas, Redman and Mr. Corporate America–Jay-Z. P’CISE is available for interviews, performances and collaborations. Hip hop needs a new voice– it’s here — P’CISE .”

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